" The quality of life is determined by its activities"


Horse Riding

Horse riding is a King of Sports. It’s a complete full body workout and creates a confidence level, core strength, balance & co-ordination, mental power in the human body. It’s always fascinating to learn and ride on Horse. Our Club gives you exhilarating and unforgettable experience.

Quad Bikes

“Your passion for the outdoors unites us, creating a bond that goes beyond the mechanical. Ride in Polaris ATV, that will take you where others can’t – from the remote hunting stand covered in mud and brush to the race track in the hills, Whether it’s over defiant trails, through unrelenting whoops or acres of wide-open range and anywhere in between.”

Swimming Pool

“It’s just you and the pool” as happiness is all about creating your own waves. At ANG Farms and Resorts we have a fascinating and open air swimming pool wherein you can relax, energize, boost your mood and spend some quality time with your own self, family or friends.


The state-of-the-art Fitness center / Gymnasium is intended for the exclusive use of in-house guests of ANG Farms & Resorts. No visitor is allowed to access and to use the equipment.


The nature is calling you! It’s time to get out of your mundane life and experience thrill. Our range of cycles for all age groups are all set to quench your thirst for adventure. Explore scenic beauties while riding on dedicated cycling track and forget all about worries. Get ready to live a carefree life, filled with exciting ride.

Indoor & Outdoor Games

Taking a break from your hectic schedule is important and more so, when you’re at The ANG Farms and Resort. Our variety of indoor & outdoor games is for those who believe in making the most of their stay.

We believe in your overall being and you will find plenty of both indoor and outdoor games. Outdoor games contribute to the physical wellbeing whereas Indoor games   enhance intellectual acumen and creative skills.

The best thing about both types of games is that you got to spend time with your family and friend to create memories. Indoor and outdoor games help in unwinding and relief from stress.

Kids Play Zone

See your little one’s eyes light up as they discover well equipped kids play area. Let the kids do their part of exercise. Trust us, it’s the easiest way to go from just ‘mom’ to ‘the world’s greatest mom’

Royal Vintage Cars

Luxury defined with our Vintage Royale, built to impress with its inimitable form and exceptional riding experience. Vintage Royale is designed to add to the glamour of wherever it runs and give a Regal touch to your events. We have enhanced the experience of our luxury cart with exclusive accessories, extra comfort and an impressive design.

Rain Dance

Dancing in the rain is just as fun as dancing in the sunshine!
Break your monotonous routine and rejuvenate yourself with the Rain Dance at ANG Resort. We will ensure that you fall in love with the Rain Drops.

EV charging stations

ANG Farms and Resorts has tied up with Statiq for EV charging stations. Our aim is to promote electric mobility and support sustainability. Popular tourist destinations with charging facilities will make eV seamless for tourists.